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I have multiple containers from beginners to those ready to level up their minds and Souls. Allow manifestation work work for you habitually to create the life that you desire and that calls you.

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My Temezcal Experience – Tulum, MX

The reasons that places from all over the world draw me in is due to their beauty and unique spiritual experiences. That’s what this Travel + Spirit blog is all about! Tulum is full of spiritual experiences, but the one that stood out to me tremendously was a spiritual endeavor…

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In Your Element – Book Excerpt

In April of this year, I published my first book, In Your Element! This book is about manifestation and aligning with your Divine Path. It tell the story of my spiritual growth and how I’ve navigated my challenges using emotional intelligence and spiritual connection. This book is like my baby,…

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A Guide to short term living in Tulum, MX

Amongst many other things, one thing I learned while temporarily living in Tulum for two months is that this place calls many travelers from all over the world to do the same thing! Whether it’s one month or one year, I had met people from every corner of the world…

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Would you like to have your brand featured on my blog space and social media pages? I specialize in unique travel destinations\stays and spiritual brands.

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moon manifestation course


A 3 week self guided course on moon manifestation

the abundance frequency

Begins September

A 5 week course on manifesting wealth

Begins January 2022

A 5 week high level course for developing or scaling a business aligned with your purpose

By application only

2 month intervals of 1:1 high level mentorship

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