Elevate Your Aura, Mindset + Manifest The Life You Desire

If you’ve been waiting for a sign… This is it.

There is so much more to life than spending all your days working in your 9-5, unhappy, without connection, without a vision, without alignment as to what else to do!

We all want something grand out of life, a vision board without a feeling that we will ever get there, like “how is that supposed to somehow happen to me?”

But the truth is, you wont always know. In fact, we almost NEVER know, because the Universe has something played out for us and it adjusted along with our very own alignment with the Universe itself.

Put this into perspective, your current state of life, whether you like it or not, has all been manifested by you and you alone. You created your reality and you are always creating your reality, this course is created to aid you in creating the life that you’ve always desired by harnessing the energy of the Universe and how it exists inside of you.

Connect with your feminine power + manifest with the moon

The moon effects our emotional energy, which can be ignored or used to our advantage.

Are you ready to manifest your dreams using your own powerful energetic connection with the moon and the Universe?!

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Start With The Spiritual Basics

The spiritual growth journey is exciting and never ending and it all begins in small steps.

My name is Shawntelle and I have spent 5+ years being obsessed with my own spiritual growth journey.

I found myself stuck in a job I didn’t love, wanting so much more out of life. Wanting to travel, wanting to connect more with people and get out of my desk job.

I had been studying all things spiritual growth, mindset and manifestation for years, but I still found myself stuck, until one day I was simply fed up!

I was in a position that a lot of things were going to change soon, I had the choice to either step back into my comfort zone and continue to be scared, or to say yes to all the doors that the Universe was opening up for me, to do something scary and different and give the Universe the energy it had always needed from me to work with.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Now, all I want to is help everyone else that I possibly can to get out of a dissatisfied state of life, because we are all meant for so much more. We are all meant to live the life of our dreams and we all have the power to do so.

It doesn’t need to take you 5+ years to start manifesting the life you deserve. It takes a step right here right now, to invest in your own development because it’s what you truly want. It takes that moment of shifting around the energy in the Universe to show it that you are serious so it can get to work.

You manifested your way to this page, you were brought here for a very specific reason…

Start making decisions based on possibility, not circumstance.

– I’ll see you on the other side.