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Your Local National Forest

I currently reside in Spokane Washington and I never considered National Forests to be anywhere around me, until I started really paying attention.

My most recent exploration was in the Couer D’Alene National Forest in Idaho, about 40 minutes away from me.

My boyfriend and I spent hours trying to find the right place to camp, but after night fall we found ourselves at Devil’s Elbow Campground.

This campground was beautiful! Full of trees, big camp sites with lots of separation and privacy and great access to the river. In fact, so close that we put our tent right next to the water. This was the best camping spot I think I’ve ever been to.

Some local excursions we traveled to were Shadow Falls and Fern Falls, both along the same trail and both very beautiful. To get to the trail was a little tricky, so make sure your paying close attention to your GPS, but it was still within 15 minutes from our campground And the trail was only a few miles and not very touristy. 

There is a beautiful stream along most of the trail, you’ll find Shadow Falls first and Fern Falls at the end. It is definitely called Fern Falls for a reason, behind and alongside the waterfall, ferns blossom from the rock walls.

My favorite kinda of waterfalls are the ones you can access yourself, jump into the water and be up close and personal with, these are those kinds of waterfalls.

I recommend grabbing a Couer D’Alene National Forest map from a local Ranger station.

So if your in the area and wandering where some beautiful local waterfalls may be, make sure to make a weekend trip to these wonderful places.

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