Chakra + Crystal 101

Chakra + Crystal Lesson

Crystal Healing Exercise –

It’s very possible that through this description you have already identified a chakra or two that may not be fully balanced. So I am going to guide you through an exercise to balance that chakra, using crystals. If you don’t have the crystal associated with the chakra, you can purchase one very easily online or at a nearby crystal shop. It does not need to be expensive.

Here’s a recap –

Root Chakra (independence + stability) – Red crystals

Sacral Chakra (creativity + sexuality) – Orange crystals

Solar Plexus (happiness + zest for life) – Yellow crystals

Heart Chakra (self-love and compassion) – Green and pink crystals

Throat Chakra (speaking your truth and finding your peace) – Blue crystals

Third-Eye Chakra (intuition + physic abilities) – Purple crystals

Crown Chakra (higher connection + enlightenment) – Magenta and white crystals

Once you get this crystal that is associate with your energy imbalance, place that crystal on that chakra and listen to the associated sound frequency for that chakra. This can be easily found by searching on Youtube.

Participate in your “OM’s” as you listen and imagine the energy from the crystals seeping out all around where it is located and right into your energy center (chakra) in your body. Rearranging it’s energy and vibrating it higher to it’s balanced state.