1:1 Coaching

If you’ve been waiting for a sign… This is it.

Do you have high goals and desires and you’re ready to finally start taking some serious action?

This is for the impatient doers, the one’s that want growth NOW, the one’s that want achievements NOW!

In my 1:1 coaching, you will be working with me… one-on-one, targeting to your specific goals and your unique story that makes you who you are and how to balance your energies to start manifesting effectively.

Everyone has their own story, everyone has their own personalities and life experiences that make them the way they are!

We are going to use neurologist programming, emotional freedom techniques, custom rituals, journal prompts, chakra balancing and meditations to accelerate your spiritual and personal growth and start reaching towards your highest goals, all energy blockages aside.

You’re 1:1 coaching includes access to ALL my course work when needed, unlimited email + direct messaging support and a 1:1 one hour weekly video chats to achieve your goals and grow FASTER.

So let’s start achieving!

“I LOVED working one-on-one with Shawntelle. She met me where I was in terms of manifesting and taught me so much on how to align myself with things that I wanted. The techniques that I learned allowed me to begin manifesting almost immediately. Utilizing the things that I have learned, I manifested multiple things including a free $50,000 program, free dentist appointment, and cash. I am so grateful and blessed to have come across her program. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about manifestation and abundance.”