Moon Manifestation Course

Connect with your magic energy within you and manifest!

We all want something grand out of life, a vision board without a feeling that we will ever get there, like “how is that supposed to somehow happen to me?”

Here’s the truth… we all need to unlearn all the stories we’ve told ourselves throughout our lifetime. And effectively learn how we are actually powerful and infinite.

Why with the moon?

The moon effects our emotional energy, which can be ignored or used to our advantage.

Are you ready to manifest your dreams using your own powerful energetic connection within?!

Moon Manifestation Course

What’s included:

New Moon Ritual

One New Moon Ritual

Manifestation Guided Meditation

Creating Your Vision + Letting Go

Access To Private Facebook Group

Gratefulness Practices

Moon Phase Explanations For Manifestation

New Intentions Workbook

Manifestation 101

Manifestation Principles Lesson

Law of Attraction 101

NLP Guided Meditation

How To Effectively Use The Laws Of The Universe For Manifestation

Getting To Know Your Subconscious Beliefs

Creating Powerful Affirmations For Manifestation

Manifestation Workbook

Group Video Calls With Me

Subconscious Rewiring

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Effectively Removing Limiting Beliefs FOR GOOD

Limiting Beliefs Guided Meditation

Rewriting Your Subconscious Stories For Success

Establishing POWERFUL Mindset Shifts + Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Rewiring The Subconscious Workbook

Chakra + Crystal Balancing

Chakra + Crystal Energy Balancing Lessons

Crystal Healing Exercise

Identifying Your Energy Blockages And Balancing Your Imbalanced Chakras

Understanding How Your Mindset + Subconscious Effects Your Chakras

Chakra Balancing Workbook

Private Q&A Live

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon + Your Emotional Energy Explained

Establishing Self-Love

Full Moon Guided Mantra Meditation For Abundance

Creating A Spiritual Path Going Forward

Connecting Your Energy With The Divine

Full Moon Ritual Workbook

Now let’s start manifesting and connecting to your infinite energy!

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If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and signing up for the moon manifestation course, I highly recommend. It’s abundantly clear that Shawntelle is well informed and passionate about her spirituality. The course is thorough, filled with videos, readings, work books and much more. Along the way if you feel confused or have additional questions Shawntelle is easy to approach and a wealth of information. I found myself lost in trying to figure out how to connect spirituality, but had been trying to take the plunge for months. So happy that I have opened this chapter of my life and can start manifesting. Excited to continue to revisit the course for this new moon, and continue to grow with the tools provided.” – Jesseca

This is amazing and I would highly recommend it. My ritual was very thoughtful and tailored to my goals. In addition, she would answer any questions I had along the way. I am so glad that I chose to do this and has allowed me to be more mindful. 🙂 Absolutely wonderful!” – Brittney