Passion To Power Coaching Course

Because You Deserve More Than The 9-5 Rat Race

You’re passions are more than just hobbies… they are your soul callings.

The more you do these things that light you up, the more the Universe rewards you. The more it guides your path down a road of serving the world through your unique passion, your soul calling.

Step outside of the norm! The norm that tells you to get a stable job, go on a week or two vacation once a year, settle down, make responsible decisions, pay bills and maybe when you retire you can do more of what you love, travel the world before you leave this world.

We are meant for so much more.

Transform Your Passions To Power

This course is for the serious, the ones fed up with their current reality and know they are not fulfilling their true calling.

It’s for the highly ambitious, the one’s that seek more. The one’s who are ready to leave their old lives behind in able to create a whole new reality, to call in their dream reality.

Your passions are given to you with purpose. Purpose to serve the world with what you love in a way that only you can and it is your calling to step into that purpose… a calling we often suppress.

But the strong intuitive nudge to write a book when you don’t know how, to travel the world and you not sure why, to give relationship advice to others but think nothing more of it. To be great in front of the camera but do nothing with it. The list goes on… the feeling of unfulfillment will always be there until you choose to follow your Divine Path.

You can create your own reality.

Here’s what to expect in this course :

We will work with rediscovering your truest passions… not the ones you’ve convinced yourself you love for anyone else’s acceptance.

You will uncover your subconscious limiting beliefs and the stories that have led you to them and rewrite those beliefs to rewire your subconscious mind and create a new reality.

I will be there for 1:1 coaching to give you action steps towards achieving your new goal of turning your passion into your power (aka, start making your passion a career.)

This will be personalized to you and you alone. I will give you things you MUST do in able to move forward. If you are not committed to your growth in a serious way, then this course is not for you.

I will be the one to look at your work, edit your work, give you feedback.

You will learn all about how to manifest your dreams using the principles of manifestation and the Laws of The Universe.

We will go even FURTHER to set up your success, physically and spiritually. We will work on creating rituals and routines to rewire your mind for automatic success.

Step Into A Bigger Energetic Container. Your Calling Is Waiting For You.