The Spiritual Basics

Just dipping your toes into spirituality? Maybe you want to start off with the basics.

Your Spiritual Journey Begins Here

The spiritual growth journey is exciting and never ending and it all begins in small steps.

That is exactly what I’ve put together for this basic spirituality module.

The information included in this mini course provides all the basics to get you started and to set your soul on fire to dive deep into spiritual growth and never want to stop!

You can begin to change your life with these simple beginnings. As it was the initial information that changed mine and continued my spiritual growth as well.

You Are The Entire Universe In Physical Form… I can’t wait to help you realize this.

What’s Included :

  • One Guided Meditation
  • One Banishing Limiting Beliefs Journal Prompt
  • Law Of Attraction 101
  • Gratefulness Practices
  • Mini Chakra + Crystal Lesson

Let’s Start Your Beautiful Journey

Spirituality Basics – $27