FREE 5 Day Raise Your Vibration Challenge

Habits are what form our entire lives.

But these habits go so much further than the horrible habit of biting your nails or popping your knuckles. Your mind carries its own habits as well. Habitual thoughts – this is what we are going to work on and this is one of the most important parts of changing your life. My 5 day Raise Your Vibration challenge is targeted towards shifting your negative thought patterns, banishing limiting beliefs and rewriting your stories… once these are established, these will be your new habits!

Day One – The Perfect Morning Routine

Day Two – Pay Attention To How You Feel

Day Three – Banish Limiting Beliefs

Day Four – Matching Your Vibration

Day Five – Give Energy + Receive Energy

Day One – Creating The Perfect Morning Routine

You have probably heard this time and time again, but I cannot stress it enough! Your morning routine begins your morning on your own terms, you set the intention for the day, the mood, the mindset, your morning routine is the time you create for yourself to ensure that you are starting the day with the right mindset. And with one day, comes a week, comes a month, comes a life of creating your life on your own terms.

Another reason why a morning routine is so important, is it gives you a reason to wake up in the morning. I slept in far too much before I started my morning routine. It gives you something to look forward to and you will grow to cherish this time.

My Personal Morning Routine –

Day 2 – Pay Attention To How You Feel

Tuning In

Because this is not yet a habit in your life, here is a helpful tip. Set a timer on your phone for every four hours of the day, make a note on it, TUNE IN or something that will remind you to tune into how you are feeling.

Ask yourself those questions, “how am I feeling,” “is this emotion negative or positive,” “Is this the feeling I want to attract more of into my life?” Be honest with yourself, you don’t need to prove this to anyone else but yourself. And make a conscious effort to choose differently.

Choosing Differently

Sometimes what I just stated above seems easier said than done. So here is a tip as to how you can shift your mindset in an instant.

  • Tune in and ask yourself the questions above
  • Leave the area of which you are in to be alone with yourself
  • Take a deep breath in… and when you let it out, imagine you are letting out negative emotions
  • When you breathe back in, imagine you are bringing in all the happiness in the world. All the energy that the Universe has to hold, breathe in that connection.
  • State out loud, “I recognize that I am feeling ____ and I recognize that this does not serve me, so I let this emotion go. I choose happiness in this moment. And so it is, and so it is, and so it is.”

Day Three – Banishing Limiting Beliefs

Today’s practice can be done in the morning or at night… or both! This is a journal prompt that I want you to follow today, and make a habit to do so.

Journal Prompt #1

  • Think about the goals that you have for yourself. What is that BIG thing that you want to accomplish? Do not think small here, think BIG!
  • Write down the 5 limiting beliefs that you have for yourself that you believe are in your way from accomplishing these goals. 
  • On another piece of paper, write down the exact opposite of the correlated limiting belief, go into detail + realize how much the limiting belief was a lie that you were telling yourself.

Day Four – Matching Your Vibration

Today is about taking it a step further. If you’ve been sticking to these daily habits, you should already be noticing a slight change in your mindset throughout the day.

Law Of Vibration

It’s important to understand that everything in this Universe is energy. I am energy, you are energy, this phone or computer you’re looking at is energy. Everything at its core is vibrating.

One of my favorite Laws of the Universe is the Law of Vibration. This works similarly to the Law of Attraction, though at a deeper level.

Your emotions attract that of a similar vibration. A positive thought pattern radiates at a positive vibration, and that is how that positive energy is drawn to you, and vice-versa.

There is a vibration associated with money, with love, confidence… there is a vibration to just about every emotion!

This is another reason why mantras are another good attribute to your morning meditation! Simply doing “OM’s” can elevate your aura and help you get into a deeper state of meditation.

There is an exact science as to which frequency vibrates to which emotion. You can easily find meditations with this frequency for free online. This playlist has some of my favorites.

For today, your assignment is to add mantras to your meditations, “OM” is an effective and popular one. And to also listen to one of the sleep meditations in my playlist or one of your own, that is associated with an emotion you’d like to manifest.

Day Five – Give Energy + Receive Energy

Today is the last day of your challenge. Hopefully you have established a firm foundation of raising your vibration every day, so now it’s time to move on to the last step that takes this energy to the next level. This is spreading that light to others.

A Positive Aura

Positive energy radiates beyond your own self. Yes, if you are in a positive light, the people around you can feel it without you saying a damn thing, it affects other people’s energy as well and that is the beauty of raising your own vibration… it helps 10+ more people do the same. 

When you spread your light, your light begins to grow even more, you’ll be surprised how much this fuels your soul when you begin to do this.

  • Start by not partaking in negative talk and gossip. When someone begins to talk about these things with you. Remain positive and move onto another subject with more of a positive impact.
  • Another thing you can do is spread a smile to anyone who looks your way, you’ll be surprised how much this can change other people’s emotions… and your own.
  • Give someone a compliment!
  • Give light to the people who need it or people you love during your daily meditations.

These tools are just the beginning in your spiritual growth and also the most important. They are the exact tools that I used to change my mindset and my negative habits.

Practice these habits every day, change them up a bit, customize them for yourself and you will find yourself having so much energy to radiate.

Go back to this challenge whenever you find it necessary!