Moon Manifestation Course

In this three week course, following from new moon to full moon. Where you will dive deep into uncovering your subconscious beliefs and blockages to create entirely new truths for your subconscious mind to break through and manifest effortlessly!

You will learn how to harness that power of the indisputable Laws of the Universe, using these laws to work in your favor effortlessly. Tune into the energy of abundance, certainty and defeat the ego to to uncover your LIMITLESS energetic being.

Why with the moon?

The moon effects our emotional energy, using it accordingly can accelerate our manifestations faster! Manifest your desires with the lunar phases

Now let’s start manifesting and connecting to your infinite energy!

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What’s inside

Guided new and full moon rituals

4 guided meditations to manifestation + spiritual connection

NLP + EFT (emotional freedom techniques) sessions

Manifestation, The Quantum, Laws of the Universe and Subconscious Lessons

Manifesting with the lunar phases 101

5 Subconscious Rewiring + Manifestation Workbooks

2 live group coaching sessions

+ BONUS – Manifest Abundance Masterclass

Client Testimonials –

“I found myself lost in trying to figure out how to connect spirituality, but had been trying to take the plunge for months. So happy that I have opened this chapter of my life and can start manifesting. Excited to continue to revisit the course for this new moon, and continue to grow with the tools provided.” – Jesseca Hemmingsen