The Dharma Business School


Intuition Uncovered

Uncover the magic your are meant to share in the world. Your success is tied to your unique message that only you can tell. Let’s make sure your building your business on your divine gifts + purpose.


Success Blocks

“Success is 20% strategy, 80% mindset.” Let’s remove the subconscious blocks that get in the way of success – worthiness building, manifestation principles, money mindset.



Your business is more than the clients. Building lifetime success lies behind living in your Dharma, sharing a message that you are inspired to tell and is bigger than yourself.


Launch | Strategy

Let’s build a solid foundation for your message. Here, you will be given all the tools – website, email, launching, workflow, engagement, branding + structure.

Hi, my name is Shawntelle

I believe we are all meant to share our unique gifts with the world and not doing so is actually a disservice to elevating the vibration of this planet.

Our intuition calls us towards our purpose, I am here to help you uncover that power, that magic and guide you through the big leap towards the life you desire to live… It’s calling you.

We often intimidate ourselves out of starting our own business before we even start. We tell ourselves, “the space is oversaturated, who am I start a business, what do I even have to teach? I’m not confident enough, I’m not CEO material,” yada, yada, yada.

Let me tell you something that I had to teach myself before I broke through as an unapologetic entrepreneur… your desires are calling you, they are your soul callings and it is your duty to listen. Not everyone is drawn to start their own business, one of my best friends dream in life is to simply be a mom, own a home and be a wife. This fulfills her.

So why do we justify this dream but not another? The truth is we all have a very unique void to fill in this world in able to fulfill our purpose in this life. Your desires are your intuition, calling you into the environment of which you are inspired, of which you thrive; calling you into the element that allows you to fulfill your dharma and fill a void in the world.

All we need to do is listen. All we need to do is trust… and leap.

When we stop trying to be like every other entrepreneur and begin to share our passions in a way that only we can, this is when we magnetize our success. This is when we allow in our success with flow, when “stuckness” disappears and your mission becomes bigger than yourself. If your feeling stuck, this is likely because your not fulfilling YOUR purpose, but rather an example of someone else’s that doesn’t allow FLOW.

Stepping into this purpose takes some uncomfortable growth. We must rewrite all the stories of what success looks like that may have never been your own, to uncover what is. We must dive into the subconscious mind to remove childhood traumas that may have left us feeling unworthy of success, hindered our truth and our voice to break through.

Let’s go on a journey together.

Your purpose is calling you.

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