Full Moon Ritual

The full moon phase is all about reflection, bringing your energies forward and is a good time to finish up tasks in a passionate and creative flow.

This phase will bring up emotions you may have been hiding from the world and yourself and will also bring forward your creative energies as well. You may spark inspiration and an extra passion in your work and it is a great time to take aligned action.

Your Ritual –

Do your Self-Love ritual and trust that all the work you’ve done has more than paid off. Your manifestations are moving towards you as you have been moving towards them and this is only the beginning to a truly abundant life of fulfillment.

This is the phase of your manifestation that is subtle, yet so important. That is, having faith and letting go. Trusting that your manifestation has gone out into the world. Doing the things that raise your vibration and light you up inside so that your manifestations will be drawn to you and your new positive energy.

Whether this be art, writing, music… whatever it is. Pay attention to your own vibration and happiness in all ways possible allows manifestation to happen without over obsessing and therefore disconnecting you to blessings.

Abundance Meditation