Your subconscious controls 95% of your regular actions and is made up of all the stories and experiences you have accumulated during your lifespan.

What your parents believed and taught you to believe, what your schooling as taught you to believe, society, your friends… every aspect of your life.

It’s time for you to take control as to what your inner self believes and acts upon, because what we tell ourselves, the Universe is always saying yes to.

Once you understand just how powerful your mindset is, the rest is limitless. Here we are going to dive even deeper to rewire your subconscious for success and manifestation.

EFT Tapping –

Journal Prompt #1 :

Your first journal prompt is going to be all about getting rid of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs can be hidden within yourself, things you may not have paid attention to in the past, but now is the time to acknowledge them, so that you may let them go and create a new story for yourself.

How to identify a limiting belief –

Do you remember the goals + intentions you wrote on your bay leaf at the beginning of this module?

Think of those goals and go down deep and ask yourself what it is that you think is keeping you from achieving these goals?

Be honest with yourself and do not feel shame about these beliefs. Just identify them.

Getting Rid of the Limiting Beliefs

To banish these limiting beliefs from your mindset, I want you to write them down.

  • Write down 5 limiting beliefs that you believe are keeping you from achieving your goals + desires. Write them down with emotion, write down why it irritates you, why you feel this way.
  • I want you to look back on your paper at the limiting beliefs that you wrote down. I want you to recognize how much of a lie that they are.
  • On the opposite side of the paper, I want you to write down the opposite of that limiting belief. For example if you wrote, “I don’t think I’m worthy of my desires,” then you need to write down, “I am more than worthy of accomplishing all that I desire and more! My life was meant for me to achieve all my goals and beyond them!”
  • Go into detail as to why your limiting belief is a lie, write down why it’s a lie! Then cross the limiting belief off on the other piece of paper.

Use these new beliefs for yourself as affirmations to go back to when you feel your limiting beliefs starting to surface again. Or simply participate in this journal prompt again. 🙂

Limiting Beliefs Guided Meditation –