With a new moon means new beginnings. For your first module, on the new moon, you will set your intention for this course. Something to have manifested by the full moon in about two weeks.

With a new moon also means letting go of things that no longer serve you. So as you set an intention, take note that you must release anything in your mindset and lifestyle that will not serve you on your journey to this manifestation and let that shit go.

Let’s get started…

Introduction + ritual instructions :

Your Visualization Meditation –

Manifestation Journal Prompt –

You will need a notebook and pencil/pen for this exercise.

Think about the life on the other end of this specific goal. After letting go of what does not serve you and moving forward, having accomplished this goal on your bay leaf, what lies on the other side of this?

Is there something specific you wish to accomplish after manifesting this goal? Describe on paper, the life you have when you manifest this desire. Describe it in present tense.

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