Experience a transformational retreat of deep spiritual connection and self discovery.

My Moon Manifestation Retreat follows with the phases of the moon. From setting your intention and manifestation with the new moon, to establishing faith and self-love with the full moon.

A transformative 5 day experience in Tulum, Mexico, where you will disconnect from the world around you and reconnect with your inner being.

Here, you will set the ego aside and discover your subconscious beliefs, face them and recreate your stories… and recreate your reality.

You will discover your truest self, the energy within you and how to connect and manifest within your reality with that very energy.

Here, you will challenge your ego, set aside your fear, set aside judgement and connect with yourself and your dream reality.

In this retreat, you will receive all the training and modules based on my Moon Manifestation Course, all digital and in person.

  • Morning Guided Meditations + Breathwork
  • Guided New Moon + Full Moon Rituals
  • Daily Manifestation Journal Prompts and Guidance
  • Elevate Your Wealth Consciousness
  • Crystal + Chakra Healing Lessons + Guidance
  • Local Spiritual + Adventure Excursions (sound healing, temezcal, dance, adventure destinations, ect.)
  • Photoshoot
  • Plenty of free time!

What’s NOT included :

  • Airfare
  • Meals (fruit, snacks and water will be available. There will be two dinner meals supplied.)
  • Airport transfer (I will assist in finding transportation)
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(villa may vary depending on amount of guests)

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