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5 Reasons to visit Campeche, MX


When you think about visiting Mexico, the top destinations that come to mind are Cancun, Tulum or Puerta Vallerta. But Mexico is a huge country with so much beauty, culture and history to offer! I recently visited the state of Campeche, with no idea what to expect, it did not disappoint.

Here are 5 reasons why you should check out Campeche, MX.

1. Experience authentic Mexico

You can visit the more popular areas of Mexico and still never experience what Mexico has to offer. Many people hold the belief that Mexico is dangerous and to stick to the touristy areas, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, some of the most dangerous areas of Mexico are in fact the tourist destinations, where there are lots of customers.

Campeche is not a very touristic town, we we’re the second American family I saw the whole time we were there, you are enveloped in the local culture. So be prepared to find some of the best food in a hole in the wall store and to brush up on your spanish.

The people are extremely kind and do not try to overcharge you on the things you buy like the more touristy places in Mexico.

2. Rich history and architecture

One of my favorite things about Campeche is it’s architecture, attributed to it’s unique history with pirates. A tree sap was of high value to pirates back in the day and the city was under attack for decades because of it. During that time, a wall was built around the city to protect them from the pirates, a lot of the wall is still up today and is absolutely gorgeous to see. You can tour the wall and learn all about it’s past.

On top of that, Campeche has several gorgeous cathedrals and the cobblestone streets are filled with homes of so many colors. Every home is a different bright color and it is absolutely beautiful.

3. Mayan Ruins

This area of Mexico is known for it’s Mayan ruins, they are not just located in the Quintana Roo and Yucatan state. In fact, the Mayan ruins here are incredibly unique because they are much less popular and you can get the full experience of a Mayan civilization all to yourself.

4. The Gulf of Mexico

The state of Campeche is the beginning of the Gulf of Mexico and it is bountiful as well as gorgeous. If you escape the city to see the coast lines of the gulf, they are a radiant blue, booming with fish. We stayed at an Airbnb in Champoton and were able to see tons of unique fish right outside our back door in the water. I would recommend going snorkeling, without a boat or with one, a lot of the coastline stays shallow for a long while.

5. Local cenotes

We visited a gorgeous cenote while staying in Campeche, and unlike Cancun and Tulum, they are not covered in tourists here. Unfortunately there are not many near this area, there is the giant Cenote Colorado and the one we visited, San Ignacio. This one is about an hour from Campeche and is underground. The water is incredibly blue and we were surrounded by local Mexicans, which made it even more special.

We also were able to stop and see a place called IIch Ha Lol Xaan. This spot is absolutely beautiful and remote. There was not one single tourist there, we were completely alone. Although it is not very well upkept and covered in misquitos, it was still one of my favorite places we visited.

Things to keep in mind :

Because Campeche is not very touristy, I recommend either renting a car or getting a reliable taxi drivers number. We relied on the bus system the first day and it goes without saying that it is unreliable and never on time.

Have patience while visiting this city, you can easily get lost but give yourself the time to enjoy getting lots and be open to finding something amazing along the way!

A popular shopping and restaurant area is called calle 59, it is closed off to traffic, so if your having trouble finding your way around, you can keep this street in mind.

Happy Traveling!

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Quintana Roo, Mexico

A few months ago I traveled to Cancun Mexico, a place that I think gets highly misunderstood as only a college spring break location.

Though I’m not arguing the fact that it is very popular in the spring time to college spring breakers and has a strip that is like a Mexican Vegas, Cancun has so much more to offer.

Cancun has a lot of history, in fact, Cancun, I’ve learned actually means the snake nest in Mayan. The snake was a god to the Mayans and all the most popular Mayan ruins are along that area, but there are even small ruins that can be found on the beaches of Cancun if you go out and find them.

There are tons of beautiful cenotes (underground rivers), ruins and jungles within this area and though this is the most expensive region in Mexico, compared to the US dollar, it is still relatively inexpensive.

Just be sure to learn your currency transfer well, because locals will try to make you pay more if they think they can. Keep in mind, you will pay more in more touristy areas rather than local areas. I prefer the local areas, not only because it’s cheaper, but because you can get more authentic food and a more authentic experience.

And no, not every part in Cancun is touristy, though it is still better off than other places in Mexico.

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We stayed in a private room at a hotel downtown called The Selina, which I highly recommend. It has tons of art and is also a hostel, so you find yourself meeting lots of young travelers. They also have an awesome nightlife open to the public with a pool with events going on every night and yoga every evening on the top level during sunset.

We stayed for 6 nights and only paid $140! The room was small but had it’s own bathroom, air-conditioning and a chiche style to it.

We booked most of our tours through Expedia, which we wanted to book them online because we weren’t sure if we should feel 100% safe booking them through all the thousands of booths trying to sell adventures on the street.

The first place we went to see was one of the famous seven wonders of the world, Chichen Itza in the Yucatan.

We booked an extra early tour, we woke up at 4am and left our meeting point around 4:30. By the time we were there and settled in, it was perfect temperature. Let me tell you, if you want to tour this place, you MUST book an early access if you don’t want to be extreme heat.

Chichen Itza, Yucatan

This place has some incredible history, so although you get here without booking a tour, I would recommend a tour guide to give you the low down on the deep history that goes into this area because it is amazing.

We booked with Amigo tours and they were phenomenal!

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We drove by some villages in the Yucatan that gave you some perspective on the poverty in Mexico that can go unseen to tourists and it was baffling but we were happy to have experienced it.

We also stopped by a local shaman and traditional Mayan shop, where the locals made everything by hand at the the shop. We were told, places like this is where you want to spend your money, to really support what is made locally.

The next place we visited was Isle De Mujeres, a small island off the coast of Cancun. We took a caravan with all inclusive drinks and snorkeling, it was spectacular. These are the bright blue waters you see all over Instagram.

This is the perfect way to capture the beauty of the Caribbean while in Cancun and is incredibly relaxing 🙂

The island was full of restaurants and shops and a plentiful variety of delicious tequila tastings! They take tequila tastings serious in Mexico, and they truly taste better than anything I’ve had in the U. S!

I definitely recommend it.

The last tour we booked was the the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, these ruins are right on the beach and are absolutely incredible, not as massive as Chichen Itza, but it is the perfect thing to see to continue the history of the Mayans.

This place is also extremely hot and has very little shade, I would recommend doing an early morning tour if possible to this place!

Before entering the area of the ruins, I had the chance to hold a spider monkey! These monkeys normally come out in this area in early morning, but he was so freaking cute! His name was Ricky!

We did visit one cenote while traveling back from these ruins, it was Cenote Jaguar. Though I wish we would have came back and visited many more, it gives a good excuse to go back, as there are so many!

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Let Us Celebrate The Lives Of The Dead

This October has been such a beautiful one, I’m realizing that it’s one of my favorite months. It carries on the sunshine from the end of summer and still, the color of autumn within the trees.

Halloween continues to be one of my favorite holidays, maybe it’s because during a period of time as a child I was unable to celebrate it because it was “the devil’s holiday.”

I always found the traditions fun, but these traditions go a lot further back than modern day. The day/night of Halloween is known to be the day that releases the barrier between the dead and our world as the world begins to be darker, colder and bounty begins to die, only to begin again.

Originally, people dressed up to convince the dead that they were dead as well, so that they would not be bothered. People also decorated their houses as so and baked sweet goods as a peace offering to the dead to draw them away from their homes.

It is so interesting that this tradition remains nearly the same without the knowledge of it’s meaning.

None of this is necessarily the scary holiday it has turned to be. Halloween is known as a day of celebration to the people who have passed on and the lives that they had; many celebrate it as Samhain, as it was celebrated back in the Celtic age. This wiccan holiday is celebrated on the same day, but as a way to honor the dead in a beautiful way and also to recognize the original day marked as the end of summer and begin the darker days to restart nature’s cycle once more.

Many Pagans and Wiccan’s participate in rituals to honor the dead, if you’d like to participate in any, here are some examples.

The recognition of death is a very important stage within nature and our lives. I believe the more we recognize it, the less grief we would have for people who pass, but instead celebrate the lives that they had. That is what I see within Halloween… but it’s still fun to hand out candy and dress up as something, other than ourselves, under the moonlight.

I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!