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How To Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals

It’s important to pay attention to the energy of your crystals, especially when you first purchase or are gifted them. Crystals can absorb negative energy from within it’s environment to provide more positive energy for the space.

Because of this, you want to be sure to regularly cleanse and charge them to restore that energy and cleanse the negative energies that they have absorbed, in able to keep providing you with their amazing energy!

Here are all the ways you can cleanse and charge your crystals, so you can start refilling the energy in your space!

Cleansing Your Crystals


A great example of cleansing crystals with vibrational energy is placing a crystal in a singing bowl and using the singing bowl.

Singing Bowl

Himalayan Salt and Purified Water

Fill a bowl or glass with purified water (not tap water, try to use a water from nature such as a river or lake) and Himalayan sea salt.

Do not use this method for crystals with a hardness below 8, they can easily break apart in the water.


I prefer to use sage, but you can also use another burning herb, palo santo or incense.

Crystal and Cleansing Kit

Charging Your Crystals –

Full Moon Energy

This is my favorite way to charge my crystals. Place your crystals outside or in an area where the moonlight hits during a full moon and leave them over night.

Sunshine Energy

Sunshine energy also works, though be warned to never overdo this, as it can mess with the color of your gems.

Use Other Crystals

Place your crystals around other charging crystals, some good ones are clear quartz and selenite. You can actually purchase plates or bowls to place your crystals in easily to charge them. 🙂

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Morning Ritual To Raise Your Vibration

singing bowl

Morning rituals are so important to get your day started off right. Setting your alignment with The Universe first thing in the morning, sets you on your path for the day and how are you going to react to the days challenges.

I am by no means a morning person, but I take this time extremely serious and have grown to love my morning ritual; it is a time for self-care before anything else can get your attention.

This is my ideal morning ritual, though sometimes I don’t have time for all of it, there is not one day where I do not do at least half of this ritual.

Wholesome Culture

First things first…

Make sure your alarm is not outrageous! Sure, your alarm is meant to wake you up, but any loud(ish) noise in the morning will wake you up regardless. Set your alarm to something that is relaxing so you don’t start off your morning irritated by your own alarm! And wake up slowly, you don’t need to jump out of bed like it’s a mission, do some in-bed yoga poses, love on your significant other or your animals. Make your morning enjoyable. And PLEASE, try to avoid using your phone.

After waking up, open up some windows or step outside for a minute to be connected with nature for a bit! Sip plenty of water to get you hydrated, infused with cucumber or lemon can give you an extra boost! Listen to the sounds of nature for a bit and allow your mind some time to slowly wake. I find it super relaxing in the morning.

I normally light some incense while I do my morning ritual, I love breathing in relaxing and/or invigorating smells!

Following that, take some time for your skin care, I wash my face and use moisturizer on my face before starting my morning ritual, to allow my moisturizer time to absorb into my skin. I will put my favorites at the end of this blog.

While your skin is soaking in it’s morning nutrients, turn on some relaxing music (recommendations here) for a short morning yoga session to get your body moving.

I do very simple yoga in the morning, sometimes more advanced and lengthy if I have more time, but some simple cat, cows and warrior poses is just fine.

Crystal + Cleansing Kit

Right after yoga, I go from my last child’s pose to a seated position for meditation. I’ll keep the same music going and do some silent meditation to settle my mind, or depending on what I’m currently wanting to focus on, do a guided meditation.

At the end of my meditation with some gratefulness practices, mentioning what I am grateful for, everyone’s gratefulness practices should be different and ever changing, but here are my recent ones :

“I am grateful for this brand new day to breath and to be, I’m grateful for this coffee, for this water, for my job. I’m grateful I have a car, grateful I have support in my life. I am grateful for my health and grateful for the support of The Universe.”

It’s important to not overthink this practice, nor the following one, and to just make it relate able to you. No one is hearing this, it is simply for you and your mind. Don’t worry about making it sound perfect and poetic.

After this, go into some affirmations, these should be ever changing and customize-able to you, but something to align your energy for the day ahead. Here are some that I am currently using.

“My body is rested and my mind is clear, The Universe supports me today, I am full of energy and radiate positive energy. I am confident, I am persistent. I am having fun today, I am inspiring others, I am aligned with my goals today.”

Both of those practices work well to say out loud, write on paper or both. Whichever you prefer.

After this, practice some vibration work. Some simple, OM’s can work wonders to get you aligned with The Universe and wake up your body. If you have a singing bowl, this is also a fantastic morning energy/vibration practice.

Singing Bowl

Be sure to take your time for these practices and not rush through them like they are a chore, or they may lose their meaning.

Let me know how this morning ritual works for you, I have grown to love it. 🙂

Skin Care Recommendations :

Skin Oil
Skin Oil
Jade Facial Roller

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Face Moisturizer

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Gentle Exfoliant

Aveda Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser

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Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake is an absolute must-see location in the Pacific Northwest and one of my favorites! When I first saw Crater Lake with my own eyes, I could only describe it as heaven on Earth. This could have very well been because of the timing of which I was there, which I recommend to anyone wanting to visit there. I was in Crater Lake in July, early in the morning, with a blue sky and clouds within it. The water was incredibly still and the water was a beautiful reflection of the snow of the crater and the sky above it, so perfectly that it was difficult to tell where the water began and the sky started.


Crater Lake was once a volcano, called Mount Mazama. This volcano’s eruption was so enormous, that it caused the volcano to collapse into itself, leaving a giant crater, almost 2,000 feet deep. This crater filled with water through rainfall and melted snow, making it insanely clean and therefore a gorgeous, bright blue.


There are many different areas to view the crater and there is one area that you can actually get into the water, this place is called Cleetwood Cove and is about a 20 foot cliff. This jump is a must do! Seeing the snow-covered crater from the crystal clear water is like pure magic and the water isn’t as cold as you would expect. You have to hike about a mile downhill to reach this area, the hike down is wonderful and the hike up can be a little difficult, but well worth it.

The main area of Crater Lake has a lot of information to learn everything about the area, as well as buy souvenirs and some fancy food, which wasn’t as expensive as I expected, with the view that we had.

It is, till this day, the most beautiful place I have ever seen, if you are anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, this is a place that you must see, and I recommend it in the early morning in good weather, and to stay throughout the day.

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Shelton Exploration

So many people think that they cannot travel to beautiful locations because they don’t have the time or the money for it. I used to be one of those people, but this past year I have started to do my research and saying yes to the most random adventures, finding myself in places I never knew excited and having my friends thinking I’m going to crazy places far away when really they’re all in the same state of which I live!

Shelton, Washington.

I used to live about two hours from this place and never realized the beauty of this place.

Shelton is located in a region called the Hood Canal, about 45 minutes from Olympia and just left of the Olympic National Park. The place I stayed was right outside of Shelton, a small town called Potlach. We camped at Potlatch State Park, right next to the ocean.

Here we woke up every morning at sunrise and did yoga on the bay, we wanted to soak in every bit of beauty this place had to offer.

The main reason I wanted to come to Shelton was the see Vance Creek Bridge, also known as the Pacific North West Bridge (PNW Bridge). This bridge is an abandoned railroad above 347 feet above Vance Creek. This excursion is found off of NF-2341/2199, there is a gate blocking the way and a ditch blocking the path to get on the trail, which trees have been knocked down to still make it to the path.

This bridge is worth the trip and worth the risk, having it be considered trespassing just makes it all the more exhilarating. Many signs say that you are under a criminal offense and are trespassing, most of these signs have been knocked down and has a lot of graffiti by tourists coming to see the bridge. I was scared at first, but after seeing people coming back from the bridge on the way there and some when we got there, I felt more comfortable.

It is such a feeling of freedom and adrenaline to walk across this incredible bridge and soak it all in.

Yes, PNW Bridge is reason enough to visit Shelton, WA. But I wanted to go further, I wanted to explore every day I did not have a work schedule to worry about and my love and best friend by my side.

The first thing we did was go to the local visitor’s center and asked for several maps, all the maps we could get. This is a travel step I highly recommend, because there are many things we found on these maps that we did not find on the Internet.

We visited four waterfalls, all within an hour of our campsite, though there are many more within the area of the Hood Canal.

  • Rocky Brook Falls
  • Murhut Falls
  • Hamma Hamma Falls
  • Vincent Creek Falls (High Steel Bridge)

All of these waterfalls were absolutely stunning, some including hikes and others a very short hike (if you don’t like hiking). Most of these places are in or very close to the Olympic National Forest.

But the entire purpose of travelling is to go off the trails, like we did to find discoveries of waterfall tiers, pools and gorgeous rivers further down.

Murhut falls leads into a clear, blue river called Dosewallips River, where we found two rope swings under a bridge. We spent a good amount of time there.

We spent a total of one week in Potlatch, though we could have easily spent a month to travel further into the National Park and I highly recommend it. It was like paradise to us, just in Washington state.

You’ll be surprised what you can find on an old school map. Once you start really looking into places near you, more than just pictures and the internet, you might find your own little paradise very close to you.

If you’re considering a trip down to Shelton, WA, feel free to message me about any questions or recommendations you have about your travels.