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My Full Moon Affirmation Cleanse


With the energy that came in the month of October, I can say that this energy has impacted my life greatly. It has brought me to my knees and one point and I had to get myself back up and believe that everything has a purpose and I am grateful to simply be alive every morning.

That’s why at the end of this month, this full moon has great meaning to me, and I believe it may to a lot of people, as the energy this month has been a little weird.

It is important to verbally remind yourself of all the things in life you are truly grateful for, I hope you will partake in these actions tonight under this full moon in the Taurus.

Set Your Aura

You’re aura is the energy you give off around you, this is with you always. But when I take the time aside to meditate, I like to set my atmosphere to amplify my emotions in a spiritual way. I like to set out crystals that resonate with me, light candles and incense. This helps me to meditate deeper, but these things are absolutely not a necessity to do.

Just be sure to be in a safe and quiet place, where you can close your eyes and focus on your intentions and nothing else.

You can choose to have silence, meditation music, nature sounds, singing bowls or whichever you choose. I like all four of these options and it always changes which one I choose to listen to.

The Meditation

I do simple affirmations every day, but on this full moon I want to go deeper and I think this is good to do every now and again.

Sometimes I will meditate in silence first and sometimes I will do my affirmations before I meditate, what you choose to do is up to you. How you choose to sit, stand or lay is up to you. I do not believe specific guidelines during meditation.

Take this time to envision your life in a grateful way, every thing and every person you are grateful for, feel that gratefulness within you. Imagine yourself exactly as the person you wish to be five years from now, where you are, what you’re doing… see yourself exactly as you want to be and feel it as if it’s already here.

Affirmation Cards

The Affirmations

Everyone’s affirmations should be different, mine should be different from yours as yours should be from another. But I will give you some ideas, as these are the affirmations that I will tell myself on this full moon.

I am happy.

I am happy to wake up this morning, to sleep comfortably tonight.

I am grateful for this day I had to live, for the food and drink that I was so fortunate to have.

It is in my power to be happy every day, I make that choice.

I am grateful for the love in my life, my family, my boyfriend, my animals, my friends. I’m grateful for my home, for my warmth. I know that I am fortunate.

I am confident, I am honest, I am grateful. I am loved, I am smart, I am creative, I am a go-getter. I am happy, I spread happiness, I spread laughter, I spread love. I am well-spoken, I am successful, I can do anything that I want to do.

I am kind, I am strong, I am powerful, I am persistent.

I leave all things that no longer serve me to make space for the things that I need in my life.

Affirmations are all about speaking to your conscious and subconscious, saying all the things you want to be as if you already are them. In it’s own miracle way it helps you to become all of these things within time.

I always add gratefulness to this, and doing so allows you to realize exactly how much you have to be thankful for, no matter how simple they are. Afterwards, the negative things begin to disappear and more positive things begin to come your way.

Allow these affirmations to help you realize that your life is all you pertain it to be, it’s all you say it is and it’s all that you focus on.

I hope you feel fulfilled on this full moon <3

Join the next round of my moon manifestation course!

The next round begins on the new moon… Say yes to your own growth, say yes to new possibilities and the Universe will say yes right back.

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The Adventure Destinations

I am excited for so many things to come during this adventure, but of course the most exciting is going to be experiencing the beautiful locations and nature around us. We have an elaborate plan as to how exactly we’re going to travel these six states and they’re amazing natural wonders.

We would like to keep things as spontaneous as we can, knowing that we are never on a timed schedule so we can slow down and really soak in every moment. Though we have a detailed plan, we are open to new ideas along the way.

We currently reside in Spokane, WA. Coming this May, we will work our way down to the Mt. Saint Helens Ape Caves. We will stay in Portland, OR for a week or so while we explore Lower Lewis Falls, Ponytail Falls, Oneonta Falls, Latourell Falls, Elowah Falls and Mahclella Falls and the Columbia River Gorge. These seems like quite a bit of waterfalls, but each of these are followed by beautiful nature hikes.

From there, we will move down to Bend, OR, where we plan to stay for several weeks, travelling to Drift Creek Falls, Opal Creek, Silver Falls State Park, Cougar hot springs, Tumalo Falls, which leads to a beautiful small, incredibly blue pool, the Painted Hills and Proxy Falls.

On our way downward, we will also see Toketee Falls and Crater Lake before we move towards the coast to the Oregon Caves and Boardman State Park. After this, we will enter California, where we will stay in Crescent City for about a week, exploring the Redwood Forest.

Next, we will move towards Central Valley, CA, where we plan to also stay several weeks while adventuring these beautiful waterfalls, Mossbrae Falls, Burney Falls, Whiskeytown Falls and Subway Cave and Lassen Volcanic National Park. From there, we will move south to Lake Tahoe, spanning off to Yosemite National Park, Mono Lake, Rainbow Falls and Devil’s Postpile.

Then we will head west to Big Sur, CA, where we will get time on the beautiful coast and see Pfeiffer Beach and Mcway Falls, where the sand turns a brilliant lavender at sunset. We will stay here for several weeks before moving on to our next destination, the Sequoia National Park, to Death Valley, then crossing over to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Neither of us have been to Las Vegas since we have turned 21, this will be a fun experience for us both. But you would be surprised how beautiful Las Vegas is outside of the casinos. There we will stay several weeks exploring the Valley of Fire, Gold Strike Hot Springs, Big Falls and First Creek Waterfall.

Arizona is real close by, we will venture off to Grand Canyon and see many incredibly beautiful waterfalls as well as deserts, including Rock Falls, Beaver Falls, Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, Grand Falls, The Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Antelope Canyon and of course the Grand Canyon.

After this, we will begin to head up north again, but by no means does the adventure end. We will head up to Utah to see Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon, we will be staying in Junction for about a week to see some other nearby locations.

After that, three hours north is Salt Lake City, where we will stay a few weeks and see Stewart Falls, Cataract Gorge, Upper Provo Falls and Grotto Falls.

Another three hours north is Twin Falls, Idaho, where we will travel to Shoshore Falls, Deadman Falls, Cauldrin Linn Falls and Malad Gorge State Park.

Only an hour up is Boise, where we’ll also see Jump Creek Falls, Kirkhas hot springs and Gold Fork hot springs.

Technically, this is the last of our trip. We have several road maps of every state with every destination pin-pointed, as well as the time and miles it will take to travel to these locations, which on average is only three hours from one city to another.

There are so many other destinations I wish we could see in these states, but we must plan smart. I am also sure that we will find more excursions in every place, upon asking the local tourist information places.

This may all seem like a lot, it may all seem impossible, expensive or risky. But life is not meant to be spent in one comfort zone, or behind a desk right out of college, this is the message I wish to teach to everyone who responds to this with, “I wish I could do that.”

We must realize within ourselves that there is more to our lives than what we experience every day, and we must go out and find what it is that really makes us happy. This will not be the same for everybody, as it shouldn’t. We are meant to challenge ourselves and the role of which we play on this Earth, what sets us apart from one another.

I think we will always surprise ourselves with all the things that we can do that we believed we never could. Not one person can tell me that I will fail, and if they do, then they don’t understand passion and the power of the mind.

In my next entry I will explain exactly how we are financially planning this adventure. I will explain every step until I leave and every exploration on the road. <3

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My Strides Towards Minimalism

Recently, I watched another documentary (I’m a big fan of documentaries) called Minimalism. I would say that it was this documentary that changed my outlook on life, but it hit me like a load of useless junk laying around in my house! I just needed that extra push, I needed that extra knowledge.

I have never been a hoarder, collector or shopaholic; but I did buy things for the simple reason that it is cute, I guess you can call that being a woman, or simply being a human in modern society.

The very next day, my boyfriend and I started clearing out our house and ridding all the things collecting dust, we found things we forgot we even had and the things that served no purpose, but sat there looking pretty, just because.

The beginning of the process can be difficult, you want to justify the things that you think you’ll use or think you’ll wear, but the truth is, you quite simply do not use that object, and someone else will appreciate it much more than you do.

To this day, we are still ridding our home of the things we do not need, going through them every day as we come across them and realizing we haven’t used that in a month, and it has been a breath of fresh air.

We have sold, thrown away and donated so many things, and yet I feel as if I am missing nothing. All the art work on the walls that I thought made this house look homey, clearly have served no purpose towards that fact. The truth is, the less things we have, the less worry we seem to have as well.

When we have all these things that linger around our home it just results in clutter. It results in an overabundance in “cute” things that you don’t use that you once thought would fill a void inside of you, but then you forgot about it a few weeks after you purchased it and moved onto the next thing. We keep moving onto the next thing and the next thing. When one object has made us feel happy for a week, we go off to find the next thing that will.

I’m starting to realize that there is no end to this process, there will always be something new, something cuter, something better. This is a hunt that never ends, resulting in a void of unhappiness that never ceases, because we’ve been filling it with all the wrong things, all the wrong stuff.

The thing is, it’s not about stuff at all. It’s about the things you fill your time with without all the stuff around to distract you from the things that really matter in life. You see, when you have all these electronics, all this TV, all these decorations, clothes, makeup, jewelry, shoes, movies, dirty dishes, perfumes, too many purses, a junk drawer that’s always full, so many decorative rugs to vacuum, you end up with all this clutter to pick up, all these distractions to preoccupy your brain because they’re there!

I have found that without all the distractions, with all the simpler space around me, I have found peace of mind and a stronger devotion to write more, paint more, do yoga more, meditate more, read more and learn more. I stress less about how dirty our house is because we don’t have much things to create a mess in the first place. And it feels wonderful.

Modern society tells us to buy, buy, buy. We are taught by trends, that this season you need lace up shirts, contour, thigh-high boots and false eyelashes and next season, you’ll get rid of all that old season stuff and move onto the next. We are taught to buy this perfume or cologne because it’ll make you sexy, buy this watch because it’ll make you popular, this mascara because it’ll make you beautiful, this car because it’ll make you superior, or this necklace because it’ll make you happy.

People always hear that you can’t buy your way to happiness, but no one every pays attention to this phrase, they think it’s overrated and we’ll never know this until we’re rich enough to test it out. But we test this theory every day, with every dollar we spend, no matter how small, it is a matter of priorities.

When people are unhappy and too scared to truly find happiness within themselves and no one and nothing else, they tend to fill the empty space with things. Things to make them seem lavish, things to distract them from the bigger issue.

I am not one to judge, I used to do the same thing. I think most people that have ever been a position to do such a thing, probably have. It has become a habit of society; it is how we are told to live.

The humbler you become, the more you appreciate the smaller things, you will realize that you actually need very little and that we are very fortunate to have a comfy home to live in, with heating, blankets, bedrooms, pillows, food and a thousand things many people are not fortunate to have. I believe that people may hear this often, but rarely take it to heart.

Therefore, I challenge you this week, to take the first steps towards a simpler life. The first thing I did to minimize the things that I have was to empty my closet of the clothes and shoes I haven’t worn in several months; start with this. Put them in a few large bags and bring them to Plato’s Closet or sell them on an online local selling app, the point is to get rid of it before you have the chance to second guess your decision.

With each step, the process will become easier, the next thing that is relatively easy and useful is to pay attention to the things that you use in your everyday life. If you find yourself not using something for that entire month, get rid of it!

Let me know of any questions you have, recommendations or comments about how this challenge has worked for you.

I promise you that with less things, you will create more abundance within the soul. 🙂

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My Choice To Be Grateful

A long time ago, I had saw a documentary called, The Secret. This documentary spoke about the law of attraction and the power of the mind. The main thing to take away from this, is that you attract what karma brings to you with your thoughts and emotions.

When I had seen this, I may have changed my point of view for a day or two and then kind of forgot about it and moved on. But recently, I stumbled upon this again and decided to watch and see if I understood it differently now.

Maybe it’s my state-of-mind that has changed, but I soaked every bit of the information this teaching had to tell me and was still curious to know more afterward.

The next day, I found myself at Barnes and Noble searching through the self-transformation section. I kid you not, about half of this section was filled with books about positive thinking and its true power. I read a few, but the general idea is all the same.

I began learning more, I began meditating more and I started applying what I had learned to my everyday life; and more and more, I begin to see the world around me differently.

You see, we think too negatively upon anything at all possible we can think negatively upon. Whether it’s about ourselves, others or any situation thrown our way.

We seem to spend more time and more energy noticing and complaining about all the bad things that we forget about anything positive.

I don’t mean to sound too cliché, but it really is true… we have so many things to be happy grateful for. Whether it’s the cup of coffee in your hands, that you have clothes in your closet, food in your fridge, love in your life, the list is truly endless.

To someone that has none of these things, just a simple cup of coffee to them fills their heart and makes their day.

We don’t seem to think about these things often, we’d rather think about the fact that we woke up late, stubbed your toe or that your favorite shirt wasn’t washed.

I whole-heartedly believe that the universe has its way of eventually giving you what you wish, that may seem too easy, but really what many of us our portraying is negative energy, and that is exactly what you will receive if that’s the case, because that’s all you see.

Because someone is a very happy person, it doesn’t mean they don’t share the same struggles that you do, or even more. It’s simply because they choose to be. They woke up late and they are happy for the leftover pancakes in their fridge.

Every one of us have the powerful decision as to if we’re going to have a good day or not, we have the decision as to how we are going to respond to the things that get thrown upon us during the day.

Recently, I have found myself unhappy with the routine of my life and the need for something new. I blamed it on my lack of money, I blamed it on my job; I did everything besides take responsibility for it myself. By trying to radiate and attract positive energy, I figured that I had nothing to lose.

The first day was a struggle, I was doing everything that I thought I was supposed to do, I was writing down the things I was grateful for, saying them in my head and trying to keep a smile on my face all day at work.

But really, I was doing it all wrong, that day I felt as if so many things didn’t go my way, my computer wasn’t working, I got a sore on my foot, hit my head, dealt with rude customers at work, forgot my phone. I thought the universe was challenging my faith… but the universe is not out to get me. I didn’t realize that really my thoughts were negative, they were focused on what had already gone wrong.

That night, I meditated (I will link the meditation below) I reevaluated why I was choosing to do this and motivated myself to get up and do it all over again.

The next day, the everyday things that were routine at my work place seemed to change. I wanted to really speak to every person I dealt with, I wanted to make sure they were having a good day and ask them how their holidays are going. Of course, I had the intention of doing so, but I found real joy by talking to these people, because my mind-set had shifted on something other than my misery.

There was a lady I was speaking with, starting conversation about how my eyes were dry because I hadn’t bought new solution in a week or so. Ten minutes later, this woman comes up to the registers and hands me a brand-new bottle of contact solution.

I don’t think that she really understood the impact that had on me. Customers giving me anything had never happened in the 2 1\2 years I’ve worked there, I do not believe it is a coincidence, I believe I attracted that positive energy.

The rest of that week was a better week than I have had in months, all because of my mind-set and how I am choosing to think and react to life. I am still in the process of this, but I want this to be implemented throughout the rest of my life.

Every morning, I am weirdly excited for the challenges I will face and how I can respond to them. With every challenge, I grow a little bit more.

I have many challenges in my life right now, I do have things that inevitably are not going my way, but I choose to think of the things that are. I believe that if I am grateful for what I already have, that the things I need will come my way.

Before this, I used to have a blog of which I called, My Journey to Happiness, this blog never made sense to me, I never knew what I was going to write about next, never new exactly where it was going or what my motivation was. The truth is, I was lost, I was looking for happiness at an unhappy time in my life and I was frustrated with not finding it. Now that I have thought only about the things that I am happy about, it’s fascinating to know that it was in my own power all along.

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The Adventure Announcement

It has been only three months since I have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism.

Since then, though I have not yet moved forward in that field, I have discovered a great deal about myself and a great deal of the world in adulthood and the time “making a living” consumes.

I adore the job that I have, though I need more time for myself and my passions. Many people probably feel this same way but let it go, but I will not.

I am a woman with a vision and a deep wanderlust, no worldly struggle or discouragement will block my path. I have just started off in the world as a full-time employee and cannot imagine the rest of my life in the position. And I do not mean the same job or the same field, I mean spending my whole life simply paying my bills with the biggest concern of more money, more money rather than living with adventures every single day.

I will continue to strive for my own happiness and some may call it craziness, but I have come up with my next move, my next adventure in this life.

My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip down the Oregon/California coast, down to Las Vegas, across to the Grand Canyon and back up through Utah and Idaho.


Well why not? Sometimes you need to throw yourself into a situation so you have no choice but to figure it out and grow into a stronger person for it. We have a map where we have marked several natural wonders along the way to see.

How long will this road trip be?

Well that’s just the beauty of it, there is no time limit here, because this is our lives and I will enjoy every minute of it and take my time to soak it all in. We live our lives too much in a hurry; to get down the road, get ready for work, go to that next appointment. We rarely really observe what is around us, slow down for a second and enjoy the simple beauty of being alive in this beautiful world. I don’t believe that such a thing should be a rarity.

It astounds me how many people seem to think our decision is crazy, like it’s illogical, stupid and that I should focus my time on a career. But I expect to live around 80 to 90 years old, a few simple years of that time frame should be spent to challenge yourself to new heights and travel to new places; this alone can teach you much more than a full-time job can.

The simple thought of this trip makes me so ambitious, I have never been so excited, so passionate about anything, and I quiet seriously mean anything. I know that any questions and any struggles that head our way, we will figure them out, just like you must with any other complication in life, our struggles will just be different.

Before you worry about our lives, I assure you that we have a thorough plan as to how we will live that I will explain in detail in my next adventure entry.

But for now, if you would like to follow our adventure with my words and photographs, this would make me very happy.

If you guys have any advice, questions or suggestions, I am entirely excited and open to them all. This will be our first-time major road trip and we are aware that there will be many trial and errors and we are ready to only learn and grow from them.

The beauty of our very own United States is overlooked and we are determined to see our own country that we have not yet explored, before we explore another.

*I will also be writing a book about our thoughts, travels and experiences. I will have a sneak peek up soon*

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Am I Appropriate Enough?

Since childhood, we have had an imprint in our minds of what’s right and what’s wrong, appropriate and inappropriate.

Of course manners are learned to teach common respect and some common sense, but I think what is wrong and what is right can be altered by everyone’s opinion. Therefore, once you develop and decide who you are in this world, it is your own opinion to decide if what you do is appropriate.

As a current student in journalism, I currently am being told and having to respond to what is considered appropriate as a journalist.

What to wear, what to say, how to behave, what not to do on social media, how to construct the perfect resume. And all I can think during this time is, “I will not be told who I am by an employer!” Don’t employers hire you for who you are, isn’t it your talent, opinions and way of inspiration what attracts someone to look to you in the first place?

If we were all to abide by these guidelines, what would set us apart from one another, what would keep us from working almost robotically?

Well… I refuse.

Why should I ever pretend to be something that I am not? Nothing about this would be to better myself whatsoever, but more of to lose myself completely.

We make choices for money in these modern days more than for the happiness of ourselves. We slowly strip away our personalities that make us unique, to fit the role of what is “appropriate.”

We seek progress, not in what we believe is our own personal successes, but in what we are told by society what progress is. To build, to get big jobs, to know big people, to know a lot of politics. Well, you know most of these topics, I do not qualify under. I am still in college and I already consider myself progressing and being successful because I know where my goals lie. They may be different, but I have a destination of where I’m going that I believe in.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t possess these things anymore; living their lives with clouded minds, basing their decisions off of what is expected and what is “appropriate,” and therefore, always feeling dissatisfied throughout their lives.

I am not meaning to be judgmental, I speak for myself when I say this as well, I am still struggling to climb out of the robotic structure of our modern world. We separate ourselves from everything natural this Earth holds, anything from nature to our own natural instincts and opinions.

When people question me that I am not traveling to some big city to get a hot shot job that will make a lot of money, I have gotten to the point that I am so inspired in the things I want to do with my life that it no longer matters. I will make true differences in this world instead of destroy it. I know that deep inside their minds they wish they would have done the same at my age, and I hope that one day they will aspire to me, that I never caved into this society which has become this Earth’s black hole.