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Visiting Central Colorado

When I first visited Colorado, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Landing in Denver, I didn’t expect this area of CO to be so abundant in wildlife and adventure. To anyone who plans to visit, even for a small time such as an overnight layover, there is much to see in this area […]

Snow Lake and Mason Lake, WA

Each state in the PNW has it’s very special places to explore and although I did consider Oregon to be my favorite, there are things Washington has that Oregon doesn’t and vice versa. The windy, moody beaches and … the many lakes in the center of mountain tops, such as the Alpine Lakes along the […]


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Hi, I’m Shawntelle. Previously a 9-5er, I am now living a life full of freedom and passion, traveling the world and sharing spirituality. I hope to inspire my audience to live the abundant, fulfilling lives they desire and deserve by connecting deeper within themselves.

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