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Your brand deserves outreach in a beautiful way, and I’m here to help make that happen.

I specialize in spiritual brands, retreats, locations and experiences.

Upcoming Locations:

Tulum, Mexico + Belize – September

Guatemala + Costa Rica – October

Patagonia – November

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My name is Shawntelle, and I am creating a life of passion through traveling the world and it’s spirituality. I strive to see every corner of the world and experience the spiritual beliefs and rituals the people have within it.

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and minor in visual communication design and photography.

That was when I started my development in spiritual growth, I delve deep into learning about meditation, yoga, crystal healing, law of attraction and all things spirituality.

This learning process changed my life and I feel a need to learn every inch of it with an open mind and share the beauty of it with the world!

Along with promoting your brand with beautiful imagery on my media pages, including Instagram, YouTube, a mention on For The Love Of Life Podcast and many others as well as my Travel + Spirit Blog, I will also return photographs and footage back to your company for you to use for whatever you’d like.

I travel great distances to provide great work that I am passionate about and specialize in collaborating with spiritual endeavors, retreats and destinations.

I look forward to speaking with you!